Importing excel sheet to SQL Server database using SQL Server Management Studio (SQL Server Import and Export data wizard)

This article will show the steps of how to import data from an excel sheet to sql server database.

1. You first have to open your SSMS and make sure it has connected.

2. Go to your start menu, scroll down to Microsoft SQL server 2019 if you are using the 2019 version or any other version you may be using. …

Installing visual studio and

1. Downloading visual studio

The first thing to do is to download visual studio community version if you haven’t already.

For downloading the latest version of visual studio for windows or macOS, click on the link below

2. Installing visual studio and with visual studio

Open your downloaded visual studio >> continue >> visual studio will install initial files and you wait until the download and installation is complete then click install.

When the installation of visual studio is complete, you can install …

Entity Framework

Entity Framework is an Object Relational Mapper (ORM) which makes mapping between objects and tables in a database easy by eliminating the need to manually map database tables and manage database tables.

Entity framework supports three workflows: Code first, Database first and Model first.

Code first: you first create domain classes and then have entity framework generate data tables from those classes.


This approach is simple because you do not have the database model to maintain or update.

· Since you do not have to worry about creating a database, development speed is increased.

Database first: you…

It has been about 3 months since i started learning ASP.NET. I was desperate to find a language/framework to focus on and be good at since i had been switching from one language to another. I wanted to do something more interesting that would help me grow and improve my technical skills.

I am a third year computer science student at the National University of Lesotho and in my freshman year, I took an introductory course to HTML and CSS on YouTube because there are no web development courses offered at school. …

Nthatuoa Ts'ilo

Computer Scientist

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